Why First Trust?

First Trust Citizenship understand that there are other Citizenship companies however First Trust is the only company to offer the most economical Citizenship option starting at just $38,000 usd. We also guarantee our clients delivery of their documents within 60 days which no other company can do.

First Trust is the only company that allows you to invest in your families future at a fraction of the cost of other expensive programs.
Our Program

Obtaining your Citizenship through First Trust gives you a new found freedom for you and your family. Our program ensures you can do the following at a fraction of the cost of other programs:

  1. It can safeguard your wealth.
  2.  To avoid persecution in your country of origin,
  3. To overcome your current passport/ travelling limitations
  4. To avoid the requirement of you and your family being forced to participate in military services
  5. To avoid any negative attitude towards your current nationality,
  6. Full peace of mind that in a turbulent world you always have the ability to travel and a second home to go to.
Discover First Trust


First Trust offers St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica ,St. Lucia, Spain and our most popular program Dominican Republic

Because of the cost of the program compared to others and how quick the passport is issued.

what sets First Trust Citizenship apart from every other program is that we except all nationalities including Syrians Iraqi’s and Afghan’s.

First Trust Citizenship has a 100% success rate however if a client has a criminal record we can accept his application.

The cost can vary, depending on the requirements of the client with single applications starting at $38,000 usd.

No there is no need to travel

We send all of your paperwork including Citizenship certificate, National ID and passport to your nearest embassy.

  1. Signed agreement with First Trust Citizenship.
  2. Valid police report.
  3. Copy of Birth certificate.
  4. Valid Medical report including blood type.
  5. copy of current passport.
  6. Signed application form.
  7. 2″ x 2″ photos (5 number) along with 2″ x 2″ left side profile (5 number) and 2″ x 2″ right side profile (5 number)
    Our professional staff will be available through out the process and assist you when preparing your paperwork.

it takes 60 days from receipt of all of the required documents.

Within the contract signed with First Trust Citizenship it contains a guarantee that if there is an issue with the application we offer a full refund.

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